Eastern Pike PD Safety Day

Eastern Pike PD Safety Day Skid Monster

Delaware Valley School District Driver Education instructor Joseph Sain gave practical instruction to drivers on cars skidding on ice. This demonstration was part of Eastern Pike Regional Police Department´s Safety Day event held on June 12, 2010. The “Skid Monster” has instructor-controlled casters instead of rear wheels and allows students to experience skidding on ice or wet roads. Driver education teacher Joe Sain explained that this useful tool allows driver education instructors at the school to show students the three-pronged maneuver of how to avoid an object, counter-steer, and return to the correct lane.

Eastern Pike PD Safety Day Signage

Eastern Pike Regional Police Department display equipment at their Safety Day on Jun 12, 2010. Various traffic safety displays included checkpoint equipment, Fatal Vision Goggle basketball throws, free bike helmets for children, and car seat checks.