Mock Traffic Safety Events

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Southwest Traffic Safety, arranged for Mock Hearings before the Honorable District Justice, Ronald J. Haggerty of Connellsville, PA. Students from Laurel Highlands School District, along with students from Connellsville High School participated in this event. Students were issued “fake” citations for a variety of traffic offenses, (i.e. Seat Belt violations, Aggressive Driving violations). Students appeared before the court, after requesting a “hearing” to present their side. Sgt. Joseph D´Andrea, Pennsylvania State Police, along with Sgt. Ken Jaynes, Connellsville Police Dept. testified for the Commonwealth of Pa

Mock Traffic Safety Hearing PA
Mock Traffic Safety Hearing
Mock Crash Trinity HS

Several “mock collisions” were presented to students of various high schools in the region. These two photographs were taken at Trinity High School, Washington Co.

Crash Scene narrated by CTSP Al Odachowski, SWTSN to students in attendance.

Students informed regarding the necessary actions of responding emergency units along with the consequences pre and post collision of the operators involved.

Mock Crash Ringgold HS EMS

Trinity HS mock crash

Mock Crash Ringgold HS

A “Mock Collision” was held at Ringgold High School (Washington Co.). Scene narrated by CTSP Al Odachowski, SWRTSN to students in attendance.

Students informed this could possibly occur, if driving under the influence, aggressive driving, or any other vehicle code violations occur while operating a motor vehicle. Students also informed as to the actions needed by emergency responders along with the legal consequences that may occur as a result of the collision.

Mock Crash Ringgold HS Filming

Ringgold HS mock crash